Welcome to Jeiran Lashai Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.


Perhaps the most widely recognized modality within Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture is the insertion of very thin needles into various acu-points in the body. Once inserted, the needles are gently stimulated in order to promote the body to heal itself. Acupuncture is used to promote wellness, as well as a preventative measure. The needles are usually left in for 15-30 minutes.

Chinese Herbs

I have a fully stocked herbal pharmacy that is compromised of both patent remedies (in pill form) and individual raw herb powders that I can use to further customize a formula for my patients. I only carry herbs from manufacturers that practice Good Agricultural Practices and meet rigorous standards for pesticide, heavy metal and contaminant testing.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture can be used as an alternative to injectable dermal fillers. While it does take a series of treatments as well as maintenance, it provides a natural way to rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.


Cupping can be used for both pain relief as well as diagnostic purposes and sometimes for detoxification. The practitioner soaks a cotton ball in alcohol, lights the cotton on fire and inserts this into a glass cup. This removes the air in the cup and creates a vacuum that is then placed on the patients skin. Sometimes the cups are left in place and other times they are moved along the area being treated.


This is generally not a term that I like to use, as the human body is really built to detoxify itself. However, there are situations where patients are coming off of heavy medications or substance abuse and they need a little boost to get things moving in the right direction. In this instance, I use herbs, nutrition and acupuncture to get the results we want.


This originated in Northern China and is a therapy that comes from the mugwort plant. It is used in conjunction with acupuncture to treat many pain syndromes as well as to help eliminate what we refer to as “cold diseases.” Because acupuncture considers a person’s constitution – or in layman’s terms what the person’s body tends to do in both it’s normal state and when it is in acute distress leading to chronic conditions, it has become a regular state to see people that tends towards cold syndromes & diseases.


Because Chinese Medicine takes into account the whole person, many conditions, both acute and chronic can be greatly improved with dietary changes. I make recommendations to all my patients, with some seeing me just for nutritional advise.


This is a form of Chinese manipulation therapy – not as aggressive as a chiropractic adjustment, but as with all other therapies within Chinese Medicine, it is a hands-on therapy. Most often it feels like a combination between stretching and massage.