Happy New Year! I wanted to get things moving in a positive direction before The New Year hit and it seems that I’ve set off on the right path. This is the part where I fess up and tell you that I haven’t always been able to practice what I preach. I had a baby last year and the nausea and difficulty being in the kitchen or around food, stuck around even after I felt better. It was much easier to microwave a bean burrito or to eat a sunflower seed butter & jelly sandwich. And then, after I gave birth this crazy sweet tooth that I’d never had took hold and I’ve only recently noticed that the monster grip over my sweet cravings is subsiding. So I’ve felt guilty over not feeding my body and the little guy who feeds off of me the absolute best foods. So over the last couple of months I’ve made a bigger commitment to get back in the groove of going to the farmer’s market and making several nutrient dense meals at home per week. Before I was pregnant, I made a lot of things from scratch, including yogurt, pickled foods and bread. I wanted to move back in that direction. Food is very important to me, and aside from my little guy’s sleep, the quality of food that he puts in his body is the most important things that I can do for him.

So since Thursday night, I have made two batches of apple butter, using just a variety of apples and no honey or sugar. On Friday night, I made two different ferments. And in the last half hour I made a batch of almond & coconut flour pumpkin spice muffins, chicken bone broth and beet kvass. I’m telling you this not to show-off, but to remind myself and anyone else, how we can make foods that are really good for us, even if we think that we don’t have much time. It also reminded me of how soothing being in the kitchen is for me. While, that might not be the case for everyone, I find it really meditative. Whatever your goals are for the new year, whether it is cooking more at home, spending more time with friends, or taking a little time to read each day – Cheers to all of us making decisions that are better for us and our families in 2012.

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